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Colchester Community Solar press release.

Our new project "Colchester Community Solar Farm" is launched today - 16th April 2015.

Minutes of the 2014 AGM and Accounts.

Minutes of the 2013 AGM, Accounts.

Minutes of the 2012 AGM.

GEN coverage in the Guardian - 30th Oct 2012

Our installation at Ferrier's Barn was completed ahead of the 1st Aug 2012 FiT review but unfortunately we were not able to proceed with the Bures Primary School project.

GEN was named the best Community Energy Project 2011 at Suffolk - Greenest County awards last night.

GEN members met with Jenny Willis from Co-operatives UK to assist with the writing of a report on Community Energy. The final report has just been issued - click here to read it.

GEN was named winner of the Environmental Awareness award at the Colchester Business Awards on Friday night. Will and Simon were there to collect the award.

Our "How we did it" guide, which might be useful to other groups looking to set up a similar community energy enterprise, can be found on the FAQ page.


Nayland Primary School

Live Generation Stats - Sunny Portal

Opening Ceremony

Ferrier's Barn Day Centre

Ferriers Sunny Portal

The Nayland Primary School project is now complete. The information below is for reference only.

Green Energy Nayland (GEN) presents you with an exciting opportunity to support your community and make an attractive return by investing in a renewable energy system for Nayland Primary School.

What would I be investing in?

GEN is a newly formed Industrial and Provident Society whose objects are to generate renewable energy in and for the community of Nayland through funding renewable energy installations from community investment. Our first project is to install solar panels on Nayland Primary School to generate at least 30% of the school’s electricity.

How much would I need to invest?

The minimum investment is £250 with an upper limit set by law at £20,000. We need £32,000 to complete the school project but, if successful, this could lead to other projects.

How does the investment work?

Green Energy Nayland will fund the installation of the solar array on the school roof and will collect the feed in tariff, which is guaranteed in law for 25 years. The school will buy electricity from GEN at about 1/3 of the cost of buying from a typical supplier and will get a valuable teaching aid. Investors will get interest on their investment and society will get a reduction in CO2 emissions.

What would I get back from my investment?

You will get a share of the profits of the Society through an annual interest payment. We estimate that this will be around 4% in the first year, rising over time with the feed in tariff such that we estimate the project will return approximately 8% pa over its 25 year life. In addition, we expect that GEN will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, under which qualifying investors will get 20% of their investment refunded by the Tax Man. This is a competitive return in today’s market plus you will be investing in your community, improving the efficiency of our public buildings and reducing environmental impact.

Benefit to School

Based on a 10kW system the school benefits from;

  • cheap electricity; saving more than £600 a year;
  • increased community involvement in the school;
  • teaching opportunities associated with the installation;
  • ownership of the solar PV system at the end of the term agreed with Green Energy Nayland;


Most experts forecast that energy prices will rise ahead of inflation which would benefit the school further through its use of the cheap electricity from the solar panels.

If sufficient investors come forward then we propose to investigate a 20kW peak system to maximise the use of space on the school roof.