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Colchester Community Solar press release.

Our new project "Colchester Community Solar Farm" is launched today - 16th April 2015.

Minutes of the 2014 AGM and Accounts.

Minutes of the 2013 AGM, Accounts.

Minutes of the 2012 AGM.

GEN coverage in the Guardian - 30th Oct 2012

Our installation at Ferrier's Barn was completed ahead of the 1st Aug 2012 FiT review but unfortunately we were not able to proceed with the Bures Primary School project.

GEN was named the best Community Energy Project 2011 at Suffolk - Greenest County awards last night.

GEN members met with Jenny Willis from Co-operatives UK to assist with the writing of a report on Community Energy. The final report has just been issued - click here to read it.

GEN was named winner of the Environmental Awareness award at the Colchester Business Awards on Friday night. Will and Simon were there to collect the award.

Our "How we did it" guide, which might be useful to other groups looking to set up a similar community energy enterprise, can be found on the FAQ page.


Nayland Primary School

Live Generation Stats - Sunny Portal

Opening Ceremony

Ferrier's Barn Day Centre

Ferriers Sunny Portal

Green Energy Nayland

We are a community enterprise, incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society (registration number 31184R), which is a special kind of limited company. We have used this structure because our goals are to benefit the wider community rather than to produce a financial gain for the owners. The Society is governed by its Rules.

Our original idea was to install a solar photo-voltaic system on the roof of the primary school under a scheme run by one of the larger renewable energy installers. This scheme proved that the Feed in Tariff money would be sufficient to pay back the initial loan capital with money left over for interest payments. This scheme was found to be unsuitable to our needs but we believed that we could raise the necessary capital within the community and thereby keep the Feed in Tariff income within our community too.


The Nayland Primary School project has generated a lot of interest nationally and our work has been recognised with the award of Best Community Energy Project from Suffolk - the Greenest County and under the Environmental Awareness category by Colchester Business Awards.

Will Hitchcock at Greenest County Awards

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GEN Founders

GEN is a group of local professionals with experience in the renewable energy sector who see this as a great opportunity to support the community whilst generating income for investors. They are all giving their time unpaid. Suffolk County Council supports GEN as part of its ambition to Create the Greenest County. This is a pioneering project which is expected to be replicated with other communities across the country.

The founding members shown below will act as Directors in the first year but the Directors will be elected from the membership on an annual basis. Members are all those people that have invested in the society.


We are grateful for the assistance provided by;

The Suffolk Foundation Installation at Nayland Primary School by Lock Electrical Pro Agri Solar - installation at Ferrier's Barn